Renault Clio Gearbox

Renault Clio 5 Speed Gearbox.

Renault clio gearboxes have their own unique set of common repairs, including nose cone ( guide tube wear) you only normally find out about this when your having a clutch replaced, the remedy is to dismantle the gearbox and press in a new guide tube, Renault’s also suffer with gear selection problems , selector forks can be at fault. Differentials can have issues with an internal retaining clip. The top bearings can fail and in extreme cases split the aluminium gearbox casing. Externally the  inner constant velocity (CV) Boot can split allowing oil to leak  out of the gearbox, which normally burns the gearbox out .

Guide Tube replacement   £180 + VAt  (  fitting  £150 ) 1.2 Clio

Reconditioned Gearbox from £275 + Vat  ( Fitting £150 ) please call for an exact quote as their are many variants

Recommended oil  ATF / Dextron II

Renault Clio 5 Speed Gearbox

Renault Clio 5 Speed Gearbox