Fiat Ducato 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

Not all gearboxes need to be reconditioned , with some a repair can be done its depends on how long the gearbox has been driven in a defective state and what type of problem it has. The Ducato 6 speed gearbox has some fairly typical issues which include breaking Hub clips on the 1-2 hub & & 3-4 hub together with syncro wear & damage to the gears themselves either on the dogs or the surface that the syncro is trying to grip onto in order to to slow individual the gear down when selecting a higher or lower gear , this gearbox was repaired using parts from the main agent ( Fiats) total cost was £ 650 + Vat.   Click here for the full list of reconditioned gearboxes 

Fiat Ducato Six speed gearbox

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