BMW Mini 5 Speed Gearbox

BMW Mini 5 speed gearbox – Midland Type

The BMW Mini 5 speed gearbox has some failure typical issues ( Earlier Midland type, not the later & more expensive Getrag 5 & 6 speeds.) They all suffer with bearing failure normally it’s the pinion bearing on the mainshaft or front bearing on the lay gear, both will give an audible noise as they wear out. They also might have gear selection problems most common is 2nd & 5th gear. Jumping out of gear . Loss of drive due to the crown wheel spinning on the diff carrier. Metal fatigue & over zealous driving styles can see first gear teeth sheer off.

Front bearing problems can be diagnosed whilst stationary, with the engine running , simply depress the clutch if the noise goes its normally front bearing.

A common misdiagnosis on gearboxes is when it’s the clutch, IE crunching 1st & reverse


Price updates Feb 2015

A reconditioned gearbox for the mini is £450 + Fitting & VAT ( Without case damage or £150 surcharge )

Re bearing only £260 + VAT. Ex fitting.


( If the front bearing has gone your clutch may need replacing at an additional cost due to oil contamination)


Image shown is of a terminally damaged MK1 BMW Mini gear-set caused by pinion bearing  failure

For information on the later 6 speed BMW Mini gearboxes with 2nd gear issues