Fiat Punto gearboxes are one of most common gearboxes that we recondition, they all suffer with very common faults, Front bearing failure ( lay-gear – input shaft ) is the number one offender , caught early enough it’s one of the cheaper repairs From £ 180 + Vat & Fitting, ( may also need a clutch due to oil contaminant, at additional cost) others areas of concern are 1st & 2nd – 3rd & 4th gear issues , the gears and hubs are not as hardened as they used to be and wear out much quicker resulting in crunching into gear, non selection, or jumping out of gear. Pinion bearings fail frequently, again we offer the upgraded roller bearing as standard. The earlier Punto’s with a pressed on crown wheel can lose drive, this was overcome with a bolted on crown wheel but these wear out differential bearings at a faster rate.

Reconditioned Fiat Punto 1.2 5 speed gearbox £295 + vat

Fiat Punto Grande £ 350 + Vat

Fiat Punto 1.2 six speed variants £450 + Vat

Fitting cost is normally £150 + vat

Same day service available with prior booking on 0208 691 5953

For our fitting centers: Recommended oil ATF / DEXTRON II to level ( never use EP 80 !)

For Fiat Stilo & Panda gearbox Prices please call

Pictured is the upgraded  cylindrical roller bearings we fit as standard to all punto 1.2 / grande / panda /stilo family gearbox rebuilds

Fiat punto gearset upgraded

Fiat punto gearset upgraded