Citroen Relay 6 Speed Gearbox

citroen relay 6 speed gearbox

Citroen relay 6 speed gearbox

These are part of the ML range fitted to the larger panel vans. These gearboxes have a common range of faults which include 1st &  2nd plus  3rd and 4th gear issues with the hub clips breaking inside the hub, causing non selection , also the syncros on these are very fine and less tolerant to wear. Higher mileage vehicles can see wear on the main shaft journals and excessive wear on the hubs and gears causing end float, allowing the vehicle to jump out of gear

Repair £750 + vat ( bearings only )

Reconditioned £1400 +vat

New factory units £2000 + vat ( pictured above)

The new factory units are recommended for high milage, fleet or public service vehicles.

Recommended oil ATF

citroen relay 6 speed gearbox