5 Speed FWD Transit

5 speed fwd transit

The 5 speed FWD transit  gearboxes suffer with selector cable problems. Turret issues where components seize  causing difficult selection or movement across the gate , also within the turret the 10 MM bolt can shear and drop into the gearbox causing damage if its picked by the crown wheel and subsequently breaks out of case (if this happens do not drive the vehicle) you will more than likely be stuck in one gear. The gearboxes themselves  commonly wear out forks , Synchro’s and  also suffer with wear in the diff carrier area where the support shaft can break or shear ( which supports the sun gears ) when this happens and due to centrifugal force the broken shaft will protrude from the diff carrier and  mill out the case, causing substantial oil loss resulting in most cases terminal damage.

Turret Rebuilds £95 + VAT / Supply & Fit £195 + VAt  ( in stock) or rebuild while you wait

Reconditioned Gearboxes from £ 550 + Vat & Fitting ( normally in stock)

Recommended oil:  ATF / Dextron II

5 speed Fwd Transit

Ford Transit Rebuilt Turret