Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement.

Most people know the obvious symptoms of clutch failure, which include slip, judder and harshness of operation. Difficulty when trying to engage 1st or reverse usually indicates clutch ( not gearbox issues ). Dragging Clutches will be hard to engage or disengage gears. Most Clutches are now operated by hydraulic slaves or concentric cairn bearings so any adjustment is very limited. It’s far to say if its slipping it will need changing

Fitting costs for 3 piece clutch kit £ 150 -300 ( the average is £150 + vat )

3 Piece Clutch kits range from £75 – £200 + vat. Branded ( LUK )

Same day service available with prior booking ( Mon – Fri )

Please call for an exact quote

(The clutch pictured has lost it’s friction lining resulting in loss of drive)

Worn Clutch Center Plate

Worn Clutch Center Plate